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What you can expect from a professional palm reading?


A reading will start with calculating and explaining your current life cycle. This is based on Numerology's Nine Year Cycle. We will utilize your birthday (month & day plus current birthday year). Numerology can reveal more about how you and you friends relate to each other than perhaps you first thought. Numerology is the ancient art of studying numbers to reveal a person’s true personality traits, desires, and destiny. Numerology uses the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. Each number reflects a person’s strength and weaknesses.


How to get your reading

Your reading can be done in person by appointment or you can photo copy your hands, front and back, and send copies.

  • "In person" Tape Recorded readings are $125.00 per hour with the first half hour discounted to $50.00
  • "Mail in" readings are $60.00 for a tape recorded half hour session including postage.


Call 734.416.0988 for appointment or email: darlenedenning@aol.com

Printable PDF Document- Click HERE!
 Nine-Year Life Cycle - Numerology




  1. New Beginnings - This is the "foundation" for the next nine years. This is the most creative time, as well as the MOST “selfish” time. It’s all about YOU! No one else. If you are in a relationship and plan everything around them rather than yourself…then in a couple of years you start to “resent” them. When it’s their turn to be in the “One year Life cycle”. They will be selfish and only think about their needs. That’s the balance in the Universe.


  2. Speak Up - This is the time when you are to "speak up" and ASK for What ever you want. All the things that you created last year, now is the time to request from anyone that will "listen" to your desires. This is the time to speak up OR forever hold your peace!

  3. Relationships - This is the time that people are drawn to you. They are They’re to "help" you with your desires. This is the time when you meet many people from various walks of life that are here to help "guide" you and nurture your needs. This is the time when "relationships" come together for your best interest.


  4. Work / Rest - This is the time when you "think" you have to do all the WORK, BUT that's the joke on you! This is the time to REST and let all the people that you meet during "relationship" cycle. Let them help you. Let them do all the work! You rest!


  5. Change - This cycle is the time when you can "change" your mind. Change The direction of your desires. Change your hairstyle, Change your address, change your job, change your relationships, Change whatever you want, and the Universe will help you succeed. Easily & effortlessly. There are 5 steps to the "Change Cycle":

    • Denial

    • Bargain - or - Negotiate

    • Depression

    • Anger

    • Acceptance


  6. Family Matter & Health Issues - This cycle is devoted to "family". Whether it is receiving a new family member, by birth or someone in family gets married. If some family member has been estranged, this is the time when all family members "forget" the issue and open their arms to receive as if there was never an issue or problem. This is also the time when the Mind, Body & Spirit (health issues) are being healed. This is the baseline when all problems are discarded. This is the time to have Perfect health issues, time to resolve all problems. Best to get "baseline" on all body parts, Time to have x-rays, pap-smears, breast mammograms, dental checkups (no cavities during this time period) etc.


  7. Frustration OR Spirituality - This is the time of choice: "How" do you look at situations? Do you try to force an issue…hence getting frustrated with the outcome, or do you let things happen at their own pace and give gratitude, hence the Spirituality. Usually when we are "forcing" things to happen and they are not going in the direction or the timing is off, then we get "frustrated". That’s when we "force" things to happen and it can break, not happen, we worry, get upset, There is so many other possibilities and they are usually very negative. If it’s supposed to happen it will, if its not, then let it go, and the perfect time will take place.


  8. Success - I love this time. This is when everything falls into place. BUT you just have to "show up". You can’t stay in your home, hoping that things will happen. You have to be present. If you want an account for business, you have to show up and receive the account. If you want a new love relationship, you have to "show up" on the date. Staying at home, wishing and hoping for a relationship is not going to work, you have to be present! In order to succeed.


  9. Endings - This is the final cycle. It does not mean you will die! That your life is ending…it means that all the things that no longer work or serve your best interest will be complete. It will end. Example: this is the best time to have a garage sale. All your old junk that no longer serves your best interest, you will get the most money for it. So have the sale, clean out those closets. Enjoy the freedom of getting rid of useless items for top dollar! This is also the time to "end" any bad relationship, Usually good time to file for divorce. Out with the bad and next cycle will bring in the good, hence when the ending cycle is complete, the next cycle is "new beginnings".



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