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Darlene Denning Palm Readings
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"Give me YOUR HANDS &
I'll Enlighten Your World!"

 Teacher- Palm Reader - Psychic - Ordained Minister
Guest Lecturer - Consultant - Motivator - Business Strategist

So what do the lines on your hands represent? There are six major lines on the palm, although all may not appear on every hand. Remember to look at your hand as a whole, and consider the relationship between the lines. Every palm is different, but most share the same basic lines. Subtle differences between the patterns they form give us insight into our destiny. Where your hands and fingers bend, creases form in the skin, leading into a pattern of permanent lines across your palm. Exactly where these creases lie varies - your pattern is unique to you.



Follow the Lines-
Your palm can change dramatically as you age. The lines on your hand write with will change the most, and so these are the ones you should read first. By understanding all the lines on your palm you can build up a picture of the person you are and the influences that have led you to your present position.

Life Line -
Tells events in time sequence of your Life. Rather than indicating how long someone will live, this is an indication of general vitality and important life changes.

Head Line - How do you think? How smart are you? How do you analyze situations? How do you react to issues? Concerned with the mentality of an individual; indicates your mental fortitude and strength of will.

Heart Line -
Explains how you are "emotionally" and "physically" in relationships. Are you in love? Is there a new love on its way to you? Reflects the emotional side of your personality and relates to all matters of the heart.

Fate Line -
What am I going to do when I grow up? What type of work will I be doing? Will I change jobs? Will I take a vacation? The fate line (also called the destiny line) indicates the influences the world will have on you.

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