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It's All About Me!

Darlene Denning Palm Readings

"Palm Readings" By Darlene"

  • Psychic

  • Palm Reader

  • Dream Study Analysis

  • Numerologist

  • Clairsentient 

  • Guest Lecturer *       Teacher

  • *Ordained Minister 

  • Weddings, Funerals etc...

On October 10th, 1989 during a "job interview" Darlene "officially" got started learning about Palm Reading. Her Vice President of Sales explained: If he went by her "left hand" he would hire her, BUT if he went by her "right hand", He would NOT hire her. She promised then during the interview that she would "consciously" make her right hand LOOK like her left hand if she were hired! She "corrected" her hands and was a very successful salesperson for that Fortune 500 Company for nine years.


Darlene Denning has been interested in metaphysical sciences since her high school graduation. She spent the summer of 1968 at Stanford University in California as a "volunteer" for a Dream Study project. It was there she began learning about "what does this dream interpretation" mean. She had many classes with Mrs. Dolores Heeg RSW, CSW on the subject of "dream analysis". Plus co-authored book: LIVALAS in 1988.


Darlene has spent 34 years in the Travel Industry. She has visited 90 countries in the world. She has been exposed to the Oriental teachings of I-Ching since 1983. Darlene has taught Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Inner Child Cards, Love Cards & Destiny Cards by Robert Camp, Medicine Cards, Indian Tarot Cards, plus is very knowledgeable with Numerology. Darlene was Director of Operations for a major Travel Service Company where she did "Bio-rhythms" (the study of emotional, intellectual and physical behaviors) on many of her (300) employees and guests.


Darlene is currently working on the "Centurion Club" visiting 100 countries honor/award.


Darlene has a complete encyclopedia of Astro-Analysis of the Zodiac Signs. She has taught many students since 1978. She just completed working for "Do Something Different" in 35 schools around the Detroit Michigan area for the past 15 years. The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor MI and Novi Community Schools Adult Education, along with Bowling Green University of Ohio plus Oakland Community College of Royal Oak, MI has contracted her to “teach” palmistry & numerology. Darlene Denning was a guest host with Rachel Rains on Tuesdays, who was on WMGC 105.1FM Radio show with Jim Harper and the Magic Morning Club now a sports and news radio show. In 2005, 2006 & 2007 Darlene completed "helping" with her Palm Reading for the radio show's Toys 4 Tots project, where she donated over $2900.00 towards that charity.


Darlene has "Guest Lectured" in the following cities: Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, Cincinnati, OH, Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, New Orleans, LA, Boca Raton, FL, plus several International cities: San Jose, Costa Rica, Singapore, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Seoul, Korea, Stockholm, Sweden and Hamilton, Bermuda. Darlene is also a "Motivational" speaker, since she has earned her Guest Lecturer status with the Toastmaster's International Organization.


Darlene has completed many courses with the Landmark Company, along with Value Management Programs. Darlene has three sons and six grandchildren. She currently works weekly by doing Palm Readings in her home in Plymouth MI.


She was a guest host/speaker on Lisa J Smith’s radio show every Tuesday from 3pm until 6pm, CBS/AOL HD3 radio where she utilizes her talents as a psychic, dream study analysis, palm reader and numerologist since April 2008.


Ms Denning has been very popular with the teenage portion of clients. She has done many "Senior High School Lockin’s" This is where the seniors close the doors to their school after graduation and spends the night having FUN where Darlene "reads" their palms for entertainment. Darlene currently has been doing "business strategies" for the following corporate accounts: True Value Hardware, Upstairs Downstairs Remodeling (3yrs), Livonia Collision (3yrs), KET Chiropractic (3yrs), Ambrose International, Continental Airlines (17 yrs), Duilloitte (5yrs), Tallon Imaging, Networking4Biz, Donna Marie Consulting (16 yrs), Varsity Lincoln-Mercury, Hope Retirement Center, Comerica Bank, former LaSalle Bank now known as Bank of America, ANCOR (8 yrs), just to name a few.


Please call 734.416.0988 home phone or 734.890.2017 cell phone to make an appointment

for a reading, or to book a party.

Hostess receives a FREE reading!

Email address:


Corporate Accounts


Eaton Corporation, Comerica Bank, Former LaSalle Bank now known as Bank of America, Varsity Lincoln-Mercury, True-Value Hardware, ANCOR, Allen May Salon & SPA, Hoyt Saginaw Library (3yrs), Plunkett & Cooney Law Firm (3yrs), Carnival of Care Program (5yrs), Donna Marie Consulting, Continental Airlines now merged with United Airlines and is now called United Airlines for 24 years, Hope Nursing Home, American Society of Employers, Maltese Construction Company for Halloween & Christmas parties, Novi’s Mayor for Valentines Day party, Westland Mayor for Halloween party, just to name a few!


Former Guest on Sophisticated, Intelligent, and Information Talk Radio for Woman: WNZK 690AM - Mon/Wed/Fri 8-9am


Also Guest on: Henry Ford Community College Radio: WHFR.FM 89.3 "Making Waves" with Michael Holloway - Saturday mornings 10-11am


Former Vice President of Membership with BNI-Northville Chapter that meets on Thursday 7am-830am.


Currently since 1989 "assisting" Donna Marie through the Speak E-Z Programs offered in Birmingham, Livonia, and Northville MI.  NEW currently every 3rd Tuesday night of each month, she assists a Leadership Course. Please CHECK OUT Website: for updates and calendar of events of her programs.

On January 7, 2016 I was ordained a Minister with The Church of the Human Spirit, 

at The Sacred Sage in Farmington MI. I completed 25 different book reports ranging

from Ethics to learning about Human relationships with their Spiritual guides. I also

took classes on becoming a Shaman for 2 years while I was working at the White Owl, in Garden City MI.


I am very happy to provide my service as a Minister for weddings and funerals and any other Spiritual performances needed. 



For entertainment purposes only.

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